Tapa Tai Hotel - Easter Island

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Tapa Tai Hotel - Easter Island

First Class

We want to welcome all our visitors to this distant land, the most remote on the planet. Built by the sea, hence the name adopted is “Taha Tai,” which, in the Rapa Nui language means "by the sea."  Our hotel is the perfect combination of quality of service, price and location. Taha Tai Hotel offers everything you need to make your visit to Rapa Nui an unforgettable trip. Enjoy its comfort, outdoor swimming pool, bar and restaurant overlooking the sea. Taha Tai Hotel invites energy recharged, to discover the magic and hospitality in a place full of history and archaeology.

Taha Tai Hotel has 40 comfortable rooms, all equipped with air-conditioning, safe, bathroom with shower, tub and all those little details designed for relaxation.

The hotel is located on the coast and only 5 minutes from the center of Hanga Roa, where there are the main restaurants, shops and traditional shows of Easter Island.

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