Mayan Inn - Chichicastenango

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Mayan Inn - Chichicastenango


As a unique monument to the memory of its founder Alfred S. Clark (1893 - 1937) and with more than 80 years, the hotel welcomes its guests surrounded for a collection of pieces of colonial museums and craft, giving a unique and historic touch to each corner. 

We have 28 rooms and 2 suites distributed in the main and in the annex buildings. 

The design follows the colonial architecture, where each room has its own decoration, therefore there are no identical rooms, but all of them celebrate centuries of colonial design, and Guatemalan art with authentic antiques, art, furniture and colorful fabrics that give a touch of charm. 

All the smaller pieces were carried either by mule or horse to Chichicastenango. The largest furniture were carried by bullocks. Our rooms have fireplaces that fade the cold of the highlands, but that also create a very special atmosphere. Each room has a waiter who serves the needs of the guests, including lighting the fireplace and knocking at their doors to wake them up when they request for it. 

Whether if you are crossing the highlands or staying with us, we invite you to enjoy our typical Guatemalan cuisine with excellent options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

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