Maitai Lapita Village Huahine

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Maitai Lapita Village Huahine

First Class
Maitai Lapita Village Huahine, a charming small resort, is ideally located on Huahine Island (5 minutes from airport and from main village "Fare"). Dispatched around a little lake filled with nenuphars or lilies of the pond and boarded by a gorgeous beach facing sunsets over Raiatea Island, Le Maitai Lapita Village and its 32 spacious bungalows are set in a very serene and original showcase. Spacious bungalows designed with a combination of features and design inspired by Polynesian tradition and modern materials. A restaurant, a bar, and a pool conveniently complete the services available for guests. A boutique with a “museum” area will introduce you to the omnipresent past and history of Huahine and of its incredibly rich patrimony, including artifacts from the hotel site.

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