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Go Green With Pacific Holidays!


Pacific Holidays Launches E-Documents to Strengthen Support to Clients and Go Green.

New York City, April 6, 2011 - Pacific Holidays, a premier tour operator for the Pacific regions and South America, announced today that it is launching the use of e-documents, as part of its continuing effort to provide clients with the best possible services

A key factor in Pacific Holidays’ transition to e-documents over the past few months has been the airlines’ move to electronic tickets and ticketless flights, which are simpler, more environment friendly and less prone to fraud. The widespread use of such tickets has eliminated the use of paper tickets, which had previously necessitated the printing and mailing of documents.

Pacific Holidays’ e-documents include not only e-tickets but electronic itineraries and service vouchers. By sending electronic vouchers simultaneously to clients and operators at the traveler’s destination, Pacific Holidays ensures a final confirmation of services. Pacific Holidays’ e-documents also make it easier for travelers to upload their e-tickets to their phones and computers. At the same time, this move provides an opportunity to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save trees.

In situations where actual passports have been submitted to Pacific Holidays for visa application as required by certain countries, and in circumstances where important paper documents are essential, Pacific Holidays is continuing printed document delivery via express courier services.

In operation since 1993, Pacific Holidays has gained a reputation for its broad and innovative selection of itineraries to Asia, South Pacific and Latin America. A highly knowledgeable sales force and close cooperation with most major airlines have made Pacific Holidays’ luxury group and individual travel both high quality and affordable.

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