Why in the World Would I Visit Japan? Here’s 7 Reasons Why

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Vacationers visit cities or areas for their cultural beauty, their natural beauty, or because that’s where celebrities vacation. The Bahamas, the Greek Isles, the South Pacific and a mountainside Italian villa have become the go-to places for vacations. Japan doesn’t enter the picture. It should, though, for its natural beauty, cultural interest and don’t forget the food. Here are seven reasons you should visit Japan.

1. Cherry Blossoms

There’s something about a cherry tree-lined path, with snow-capped mountains in one vista and the city-scape on the other that takes the breath away. Every shade of pink is on vibrant display, complete with petals like pink snow beneath visitors’ feet. You absolutely must not miss this stunningly beautiful spring event.

2. Bath Houses

Bathing is a social occasion for the Japanese, most of whom don’t have bathrooms in their homes. No home can offer volcanic rocks on which to lie and enjoy a sauna. Hot mineral springs don’t occur in private homes, nor bubbling springs like a spa bathtub in the United States. Foot baths here are a thing of beauty, using Nature’s bounty to heal and soothe.

3. The Stones

People enjoy contemplation in a lovely garden. When the garden comprises rocks, though, it feels strange. However, contemplating the shapes of the stones and their settings is just as calming as prettily blossomed plants.

4. Tea with Rabbits?

Taking a break from sightseeing with a cup of tea or coffee is relaxing to visitors. Stroking a furry head or rubbing a soft belly helps to relax everyone. Choose from tea rooms themed with rabbits, dogs, cats, goats or owls.

5. Ski in Winter

Hokkaido is a ski resort in winter, with the best powder in the world. It is just as stunning in summer. Swimming in Lake Toya will be a treat for you. You won’t need goggles, and you can actually drink the water. The scenery is amazing.

6.  Don’t Forget the Food

Japan is sectioned off in distinct districts, each of which has its own specialized cuisine. Lots of rice, seafood, vegetables in broth and various meats are cooked in different ways. Try as many as you can!

7.  Experience a Temple

Live like a Buddhist monk in a special temple. You will eat their food, contemplate their beliefs, rise at dawn for a meditation service and feel the sacred hush of the forested mountain upon which all this takes place.

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