Traveling in China: Best Attractions for First Time Tourists

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Is it your first to travel in China? Being the biggest country in Asia, China is home to a multitude of tourist attractions in just about every province. Because of this wide range of choices, it can sometimes be difficult to make an itinerary for your travel escapade.

Well, if you’re a newbie in touring China, then you might as well check out the most popular attractions the country has to offer. It’s not about being riding on with the trend; these sites are more accommodating to tourists, thus you are able to feel safer and more secure during your visit.

Among the best attractions China has to offer for first time tourists are:

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is the most famous tourist destination in China, mainly because of its massive structure and historical background. It was also said that the Great Wall can be seen from the moon (although this has been debunked). Tourists can walk on top of the wall and get a breathtaking view of the Chinese countryside, no matter what the season is.

There are daily walking tours to the Great Wall, and you may want to take advantage of these offers. Not only are they affordable; they also help in giving you a better appreciation of the scenery and the wall’s actual purpose.

Forbidden City

Another important tourist attraction that you should check out if you’re going to travel in China is the Forbidden City. For many centuries it was used as the home of the imperial family, and as well as a government and military complex. The Forbidden City is still used for military and state functions, and aside from the cultural artifacts present, you can also witness platoons of soldiers marching in and around its grounds almost every day.


Harbin is a mix of the classic East and West cultures of China, as it is the province nearest Russia. In Harbin you can find Western-inspired buildings and homes, as well as theater presentations and other cultural shows. Harbin is also a shopping district, just like Shanghai.

Giant Buddha of Sichuan

The monumental structure of the Giant Buddha of Sichuan was carved out of a cliff back in 718 AD during the Tang dynasty, and was completed in 803 AD. This statue, which has already become a popular tourist attraction, stands around 71 meters high, and has fingers measuring up to three meters on both hands.

Potala Palace

Another great architectural heritage site to visit in China is the Potala Palace. Located at the Lhasa valley of Tibet, this palace served as the home of the Dalai Lama and his predecessors until he fled to India in 1959.

Li River Cruise

If you’re a fan of river cruises, then you shouldn’t forget to pass through the Li River, which connects the towns of Guilin and Yangshuo. The river cruise offers a panoramic view of the limestone hills of Guilin, which look like gigantic jade stones from afar. These hills also have caves, steep cliffs and bamboo groves, which you can explore with a guide.

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