Travel to Fiji and Discover 10 Ways to Love

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Have you lost that loving feeling? Too many phone calls, meetings, traffic jams and office buildings crowding out your enjoyment of living?  Then loving and low-key Fiji may be just the place to reconnect with your inner joy.

  1. Blue Water:  Each sunny day greets you with the soft sound of waves lapping at the beach. The azure sky is reflected in the endless expanse of the deep blue sea.  Tension ebbs away on the tide.
  2. White Beaches: Soft white sand beaches wrap around your resort, intermingled with palm trees and shaded hammocks.  No lines, no angry bosses, just peace.
  3. Warm Smiles:  Step off the plane and be greeted by the friendly and welcoming Fijians. They can’t wait to meet you!
  4. Exotic Jungles: Explore the island jungles, full of teeming life that is completely unconcerned with the trials of deadlines and dollars. Take a deep breath of the rich aromas of your growing planet.
  5. Serene Sun Rise: No alarm clock will send you scurrying into the shower.  Sip your morning tea while pink spreads across the horizon over a soothing ocean.
  6. Kava: Receive the traditional cup of this local herbal brew.  It is offered to welcome you with open arms, and provides a curious kick all its own. What better way to begin to find your inner peace than accepting a peace offering?
  7. Neighborly Affection: Fiji boasts no large metropolises and a very low crime rate. The villagers share the burdens and joys of day to day life. Reconnect with the simple power of a smile and a helping hand.
  8. Fresh Unique Cuisine: This island nation looks to itself for the majority of ingredients found on your plate.  Nowhere else will you find the unique variety of fish, fruits, vegetables and Polynesian cuisine. Wake your taste buds up to new experiences.
  9. Under the Sea Sightseeing: Spend a day discovering the rainbow of colors and life teeming under the brilliant blue ocean. Snorkle or scuba dive to explore reefs, swim with manta rays or even dive with the sharks.
  10. No Schedules: Unplug, unwind and reconnect with your family–surely the greatest source of love and joy.

Are you ready to disconnect from your hectic life and embrace the joy and love of serene Fiji? Pacific Holidays can get you there starting at just $1699 per person including airfare.  Call today to reserve your day in paradise! 800-355-8025

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