The Weather Outside is Frightful! But a Trip to Tahiti Sounds Delightful!!!!

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The weather outside is dreadful right now. It is cold and depending on where you live, it may be snowing or icy. Right about now, you may be wishing for some sunshine and warmth. If you are longing for warm, sunny weather, now is the perfect time to start planning a trip that allows you to indulge in that warm weather you have been dreaming about. And speaking of trips, we have the perfect destination to help you overcome the winter blues and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Right now at Pacific Holidays, we have an incredible deal for you. We are offering a 14 day, 12 night vacation package to Tahiti Islands. The packing starts at $3,999 per person and includes air travel on Air Tahiti Nui from Los Angeles and all of your meals. Select travel departure dates are available starting January 15 through November 30, 2019.

The itinerary for the trip is preset and includes some amazing destination. From Los Angeles, you will take an eight hour flight and arrive in Tahiti. That evening, you will stay at the InterContinental hotel by the airport. The next morning, you will take a short flight over to the beautiful island of Moorea. You will spend five nights on Moorea. During your time there, you can snorkel, go on a four wheel drive tour or take a lagoon tour. It is important to note that excursions are not included and are extra.

After your five days are up on Moorea, you will fly to Huahine and stay for three nights. This lush island is rich in history and offers many cultural tours and activities.

From Hauhine, you will fly to beautiful Bora Bora where you will finish out your vacation in a breathtaking beach bungalow at Maitai Bora Bora. Sit back at the beach and soak in the warm sun and beautiful blue ocean water.

This is a limited time offer. If you are interested in treating yourself to a trip to Tahiti for the holidays or you are making a resolution to travel more in the New Year, you will want to take advantage of this package quickly. Contact Pacific Holidays today to learn more about the package or to book your tropical getaway today.

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