Take the Finland Highlights Tour to Have a Great Trip

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If you are looking for a fun vacation and getaway, going to the country of Finland is a great idea. This country is rich in history and has some of the most amazing landscape in the world. When you are looking to take a trip to Finland, going on the Finland Highlights trip offered by Pacific Holidays would be a great option. This is a six day and five night trip that will allow you to see all of Finland and have a great experience.

When going on this trip, you will start your adventure in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. You will first get to enjoy your first day and night in this city while exploring and enjoying the local dining and nightlife scene. The next day, you can grab a rental car and take a self-guided tour of the city. This will include going on guided tours of some of the top landmarks in the city including Finlandia Hall and Parliament House.

The next day, you will be able to take your rental car on a drive to Porvoo, which is really well known for its cobblestone roads and buildings and famous churches and castles. If you are traveling during the holiday season, you could also take a quick trip over to Naantali. This area of Finland is often considered the holiday center of the country, which is also full of great history. During the holiday season, you can enjoy great local art, music, and live performances. Finally, you will end your trip back in Helsinki for a night where you can once again and relax and enjoy the city and excitement that it provides.

While this can be an amazing trip, you will also be impressed by the price. While similar vacation packages can be extremely expensive, you can get all of this for just $1,760 per person, which includes airfare from a major east coast city in the United States. If you are looking to expand your vacation, you can also include an Iceland stopover. On your way to Finland, you can spend three nights in this country. While there, you will get to enjoy the capital city of Rejkavic while also going on guided tours to see the amazing ice formations that the country has to offer.

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