Tahiti: the Polynesian Jewel

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Tahiti is the biggest island in the French Polynesia. The first explores to arrive on the Tahiti group of islands were the 16th century Spanish as well as the Portuguese. Captain Cook who was later followed by Captain Blight of the HMS Bounty were the first British to take control of the islands; however, the French dethroned them in the 18th century. In 1880, Tahiti was officially a French colony, where the status quo remained until 1957, when the Polynesia changes to an overseas territory.

Tahitians have a rich culture heritage that is traced back to, the Hui Arii, their Maohi ancestors. a\in reference to Tahitian vibrant folklore myth as well as legends, the olden Tahiti society has a sophisticated hierarchy of social as well as religious leaders known as chiefs, stylish dances and dramas, in addition high level of artisanship plus delicious dishes. Several of these cultural traditions are currently practiced to this day.

Art and culture
As earlier stated, Tahiti culture is influence by their Maohi ancestors. To this day, Heiva i Tahiti remains as the most decorated Polynesian cultural event globally. The event is a carnival of olden customs as well as competitions that take place from late June for a whole month to late July. For more than a century the modern day, Tahitians have shown how they to this date embrace their ancient roots. The Tahitians are known as skillful dancers who use their dancing skills for a variety of purposes including welcoming visitors, praying seduction as well as challenging their adversaries.

The term ‘tattoo’ is actually a derivative of the Tahitian word ‘tatau’. The myth of the god of tattoo, Tohu, describes the painting of water creatures in a variety of colors as well as patterns that is identified in Polynesian culture in detail as a sign of beauty as well as a rite of passage into adolescence.

Some of the most popular dishes in Tahiti consist of both fish as well as fresh forest delicacies. Fish marinated in lime juice as well as coconut milk, fresh water shrimps, passion cru, toro root flavored sweet pudding, vanilla as well as papaya to mention a few are the most common dishes in Tahiti.

To this day Tahitians are known as master craftsmen considering the efforts of the ‘mama’ in transferring their skills from one generation to another. The items known to attract interest from visitors are their drums, hand-dyed pareu.as well as carvings.

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