Pacific Holidays Joins Forces with the Philippines Department of Tourism to Provide Incredible Vacation Offers

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Pacific Holidays is excited to announce a new partnership with the Philippines Department of Tourism. This unique connection will allow our customers to enjoy all that this incredible region has to offer with exciting new discount offers and vacation packages. A trip to the Philippines is exactly what you need to relax and unwind, and these vacation packages to the Philippines makes it more effortless than ever to plan such a trip.

Pick Philippines Vacation Packages Right for Your Needs

At Pacific Holidays, it is possible to find vacation packages to the Philippines that meet just about any need. Some options include the following:

  • Philippine Romance packages that allow you to spend 10 nights enjoying the history and culture of this area. Tour start in Manila to tour historic features such as the Intramurus and Rizal Park areas. You’ll enjoy the beaches of Boracay when you visit as well. This package includes air and starts at $3295.
  • The Philippine Odyssey package is another exciting offer. The package, which comes at a set price, allows visitors to tour Fort Santiago, Corregidor Island, Chocolate Hills and Fort San Pedro, as well as various other locations. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy architecture and culture. This package starts at $3610 and also includes air coverage.
  • Islands of the Philippines is another opportunity to get to know the region. Here, visitors get a nine day trip over all of the various islands. Cruise along the Loboc River, enjoy spending time at Cebu, and visit Bohol. This package also includes air and starts at $3580.

Every package is a big different in what you will do and see. However, they all have a few things in common. First, all of the Philippines vacation packages available from Pacific Holidays are priced to be as affordable as possible without limiting the quality and overall experience of the adventure. Many include air prices as well as your accommodations.

By patterning with the Philippines Department of Tourism, Pacific Holidays allows you to travel to the Philippines for exciting adventures in style and comfort. You can pick from any of these locations  and packages or several others. Each offers an opportunity for you to enjoy the beaches, culture, and unique history of this region in an intimate way. Have fun, unwind, and see the sites when you take the Philippines Tour with us.

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