Fairytale Denmark Tour Gives You an Amazing European Vacation and Experience

Posted on by Pacific Holidays


Taking a vacation to Denmark is a dream for many people. When you book your trip with Pacific Holidays, you can make your dream vacation come to life without breaking the bank. Today, Pacific Holidays is offering an amazing six-night Fairytale Denmark trip that will include hotels, a variety of activities, and airfare from major east coast US cities for just under $2,500 per person.

When you take this trip to Denmark, you will start your adventure in Copenhagen where you will get to enjoy an evening in the heart of the city while dining your choice of great local restaurants. The next day, you will get to enjoy the start of your self-driven tour.  This will include seeing some great local sites including Tivoli Gardens and the amazing Alienborg Palace.

You can then take a quick trip over to Rosklide. Once you are in this city, you can see a variety of great local features including the very informative Viking Ship Museum, which will give you a great glimpse into what Denmark was like centuries ago.

Over the next few days, you will get to enjoy your Denmark vacation at your own leisure. However, there are many different places that you will want to see. This includes seeing the famous Egeskov Castle in Kvaerndrup or going to Hans Christian Andersen’s home. You will also be able to take a quick ferry rid over to North Zealand, which is the home to even more landmarks including the Frederksborg castle.

If you are looking to maximize your trip in Europe, you can also consider taking advantage of a three-day trip in Reykjavik, Iceland. For just a few hundred dollars more per person, you can spend another two nights in the very popular international city. Iceland also has a variety of amazing tours that will allow you to experience the rich history that the country has to offer as well as seeing the amazing glacier formations in the north of the country.

Overall, Pacific Holidays will work hard to ensure that you have the most memorable vacation experience possible. This will include providing you with amazing insight into the history of Denmark and Iceland while also making sure you see all of the top sites and attractions.

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