Enjoy an Eight Day Guided Tour of Romania

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If you are looking to take a vacation of a lifetime that will provide you with plenty of adventure and excitement, Pacific Holidays has the perfect trip for you. For a low price starting at just $1100 per person with double occupancy, you can see all that the European country of Romania has to offer.

Romania has a very rich history, which includes being the home country of Dracula. When you first arrive on your trip to Romania, you will spend one night in the capital city of Bucharest. During this part of your trip, you will get to visit the most iconic landmarks in the city while also enjoying a great meal at a classic Romanian restaurant surrounded by locals and other tourists.

While Bucharest can provide you with plenty of history and excitement, no trip to Romania is complete without a visit to the Transylvania region. When you come to this part of Romania, you will get to spend five straight nights in the world-renowned medieval villages in this region. This included spending the night in properties that were built hundreds of years ago.

While you are onsite in Transylvania, you will also get to go to some of the most iconic landmarks in the area. This includes spending time at the famous castle, which is commonly referred to as Dracula’s Castle, as well as seeing Peles Castle, which is considered to be one of the top pieces of architecture in eastern Europe. After spending five nights in this region, you will get to head back to Bucharest where you will spend the last night of your trip.

If the eight-day and seven-night trip to Romania is not enough to you, you can also consider doing the Danube Delta extension. This is a four-day and three-night addition to your trip that you will take you through a variety of historic and memorable places in the Tulcea area of Romania. This addition starts at just $640 per person, but provides you with plenty of more adventure.

Overall, if you are looking to learn a lot and see all of Romania, the Pacific Holidays trip is a great option to consider. This will give you a guided tour of the most iconic parts of the country and will allow you to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

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