Embark on an 8-Day Italian Adventure

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Are you seeking an adventure that will deflate your stress level and give you an experience of a lifetime? Maybe an Italian adventure is just what you need this year. Experience the best of Italian culture with Pacific Holidays 8-day/7-night excursion through Rome, Florence, and Venice for a week of experiencing the best of Italian art, architecture, and a culture that exceeds centuries. Italy is a country that is central to the cultural development of the modern world and has impacted various cultures throughout the world. Pacific Holiday showcases the best that Italy has to offer as you tour through the country.

Art, Architecture, & Culture

Beginning your adventure in Rome, you will be treated to the finest art and architecture within the city walls and neighboring towns. Tour famous cathedrals for unmatched artwork and architecture that has stood through centuries in time. Expect to be transported to a culture and a time period when visiting these different places. When you view these various pieces of art, expect to have your vision of life and culture transformed and renewed. Live like a Venetian as you are transported via boat and water taxi to tour the city on the water. An afternoon in Venice will allow you the ability to take on the canals and tour a city unlike any other.


One of the most desired foods in the world, Italian cuisine is an experience in itself for those visiting Italy. Authentic Italian sauces, pasta, and pie are among some of the best dishes found throughout the country. Certain dishes are native to certain parts of the country. Grasp the local culture by partaking in local cuisine and the highlighted dishes of the area. Feast on carbonara while in Rome, or a Florentine steak in Florence. Small restaurants that have menus in Italian are often home to the best dishes with the most authentic flavors.


One of the most wonderful and relaxing experiences in Italy is to walk around these tiny towns and large cities shopping in the local markets. The best souvenirs to commemorate your trip and gifts for those you love can be found in the cobblestone streets by Italian vendors who are born and raised in the area.

Plan Your Visit!

If Italy sounds like the vacation you are ready to take, contact Pacific Holidays today to book your trip and experience the trip of a lifetime.

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