Discover the Breathtaking Beauty of the Gulf of Thailand

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Why put up with taking an ordinary trip, when you can experience an unforgettable vacation filled with amazing activities, exotic cuisine, ancient historical gems and tropical temperatures. Yes, that is right; this can become your reality when you take a 10-day, 8-night tour of the Gulf of Thailand offered by Pacific Holidays. The price starts at only $1,760 per person, in which airfare from the West Coast and back is included.

Located in the Western area of the South China Sea, this inlet attracts numerous tourists because of its lovely beaches, colorful coral reefs and warm waters teeming with marine life. This means you could see awesome sea critters, such as spotted stingrays, sea horses, porcupine fish and hawksbill turtles. Whales and dolphins frequent the gulf as well.

Your first stop will be Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. After landing, a chauffeured coach is waiting to take you to a luxurious hotel, known as Century Park. As you enter the building, the elegant ambiance of the place greets your senses as you look at the fashionable décor. For four nights, you will be residing here. You will want to settle into your comfortable room to rest so you can be ready to sightsee the next day.

While you are in Bangkok, you will visit and see the artisanship of several temples, including the reclining Buddha at Wat Po and the magnificent Golden Buddha. In addition, you will tour the captivating Grand Palace, the previous dwelling of Thailand’s royalty.

Now, it is time for you to head 90 miles southeast to the city of Pattaya on a tour bus. Here you will stay at the attractive Thai Garden Resort for the next four days. You can lounge around the resort’s swimming pool in preparation for an assortment of activities in the next few days, that could include strolling along sandy beaches and if you want, participating in a number of water sports.

Leaving from Pattaya and traveling by coach back to Bangkok, you will have a few moments to purchase memorabilia for loved ones and yourself. Then you will board China Airlines, to take your flight back home to the West Coast,

Overall, paying the affordable fee starting at just $1,760 per person for a 10-day, 8-night stay in the Gulf of Thailand is an incredible bargain. Let us not forget round trip airfare is included. To take advantage of this opportunity, do not delay in contacting Pacific Holidays to book your future excursions.

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