Discover Langkawi – the Tropical Island Jewel of Malaysia

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Langkawi Beach 2

For those searching for a tropical paradise, some of the most beautiful places in the world are ready for enjoyment in Malaysia. Travelers to Malaysia, experience exquisite white sand beaches, ocean water that is azure blue, and every comfortable luxury amenity at world-class spa hotels; all situated in a pristine natural environment. Such is the happy time spent during a trip to Langkawi.

Travel to Langkawi, which is one of the few inhabited islands, in an archipelago of 104 islands, in the northwestern part of Malaysia in the state of Kedah. Langkawi deserves its recognition as “the jewel of Kedah.” The experience of staying at a charming beach resort is tranquil, refreshing, and relaxing.

All worldly cares and stressful worries are left behind, when a person enters the treasured realm of Langkawi, where the radiance of the natural environment creates a sense of inner peace.

Staying on Langkawi is a rejuvenating  experience. There is no need to struggle to do anything, just go there to become part of the relaxed island life, with all its marvelous sights, smells, and comforting natural sounds.

Langkawi Tours include everything that makes the trip easy and comfortable. The ten-day/eight-night tour includes airfare, with scheduled weekly departures. Arrive on Langkawi and enjoy a tour of the island. A visit to Seawater World aquarium is included and a chance to see the famous Eagle Square,

Eagle Square is a stunning waterfront site with a huge monument of an eagle that is over 12 meters high. The artistry of the monument is spectacular. The eagle looks so real, it is as if it will take flight at any moment. The island got its name from this magnificent bird. In English, “helang” means eagle and “kawi” is the color reddish-brown. The combined shortened version of the two words became the island name “lang-kawi.”

While enjoying your excursions through the town of Langkawi, be sure to take time to shop for things offered at great prices. The Malaysian government kindly made the entire island of Langkawi a duty-free zone. There is a culinary delight in visiting the Langkawi Night Market filled with many food vendors of all kinds. Everything is fresh, inexpensive, and delicious. Venders typically offer a sample taste, to try before buying.

Spend four days simply relaxing on the beach and enjoying the resort spa facilities. When it is time to head back home, there is a nice stopover in Singapore, with a tour of Singapore city as the final part of the wonderful vacation. Langkawi waits for you.

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