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Tahiti and Her Islands


Tahiti Vacations

Everything needs its breaks. Football has halftime, a work day has lunchtime and a double-feature has an intermission. It's time you allowed your life to have a break. Tahiti vacations are an ideal way to get away from it all and recharge your batteries for the rest of your life. Fly luxurious Air Tahiti Nui from Los Angeles or New York to a beautiful and mysterious land where life is simple yet inspiring and enriching.


The largest of the Polynesian islands, Tahiti offers an abundance of treasures. Steep cloud-draped mountains, deep verdant valleys, luxuriant ferns, swift, invigorating rivers and black sand beaches await you on this "island of love." Follow narrow, shaded pathways that wind between the seashore and forests of "mape" (Polynesia's chestnut trees) toward the Vaiote petroglyphs and the drums of the god Hono Ura. Surfers gravitate to the waves of Papeeno, while Papeete, Tahiti's capital, offers a colorful market, museums, gardens, animated nightlife and cultural exhibitions filled with folklore, dancing and singing.


Resembling a vast star-shaped garden branching out into eight valleys, Moorea is both a savage and enchanting place. The turquoise waters of its beautiful lagoons reflect the sumptuous harmony of the underwater world where divers might meet turtles, leppard rays, or other species amidst coral roses. Moorea appears to the visitor as a tropical garden filled with silver pineapple fields. In the middle of this fairy landscape, the sky can be seen through Mou'a Puta (the "pierced mountain"). All of these, along with Afareaitu's waterfalls and the famous Cook and Opunohu bays, make this a magical place to stay.


Known as the "Woman island," Huahine overflows with a savage allure that makes her exceptionally attractive. Her velvet slopes draped in exuberant tropical vegetation, her mirror-like lagoon reflecting the phosphorescent coral formations that lay scattered in their silent abode, and her numerous snowy white sand beaches envelop her in virginal modesty. Rich in archaeological relics, the island still vibrates from a mysterious past. A visit to the temple of Orohaehae or the sacred lake of the ancient wizard offers the visitor a chance to experience Huahine's untouched and enchanting authenticity.


The birthplace of Polynesian culture, Raiatea offers a magical atmosphere. Various excursions offer the chance to cross the majestic mountains that divide this important cultural and spiritual center. Filled with ancient legends, the Opoa valley hosts numerous vanilla plantations. Famous surf spots such as Faaroa and Miri Miri offer wonderful white sand beaches and underwater gardens on motus (islets) close to the coral reef surrounding the island. Raiatea also offers scuba divers the pleasure of exploring her marvelous underwater gardens near the coral reefs.


The enchanting paradise of Tahaa is endowed with a magnificent, turquoise lagoon surrounded by "motus," islets of superb white sand beaches. An ancient volcano, the "vanilla island" is so nicknamed for its precious orchids that prosper on numerous plantations and for its saturation with the strong aroma of the vanilla beans that perfume the coastlines and the hibiscus-bordered villages nestled in the hills. Tahaa is renowned for the picturesque quality of its archaeological sites hidden by the coconut trees, ferns and grasses that flourish up its peaks.


Bora Bora

Baptized "the pearl of the Pacific" by Captain Cook, Bora Bora island bears the magic of the most beautiful Polynesian islands. The island's enchanting lagoon is linked to the ocean by the Teavanui pass, a natural swimming pool that offers a variety of water pleasures, including diving, sailing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, or even cruising on glass-bottom canoes. The romantic island of Bora Bora is also the ideal place to enjoy sunbathing on the white sand beaches of Matira point or on the motus scattered on the warm crystal-clear waters. Bora Bora's traditional way of life is reflected in the Polynesian architecture of its luxurious hotels the famous bungalows on piles.


One of those atolls that one dreams of without really believing that they exist, Rangiroa is a ribbon of islets fringed with coconut trees, gathered around a turquoise blue lagoon that could enclose the whole island of Tahiti. Its underwater realm shelters unsuspected life, from manta rays, sharks, dolphins and whales to colorful fishes - butterfly fish, sea eels, clown fish and hundreds more. For that reason, Rangiroa is known around the world for being a divers' paradise.


The largest of the Polynesian archipelagos, Tuamotu offers an opportunity to live in harmony with nature's great ocean. Its rich diving sites and some 250 pearl farms make these islands a winning destination. Sightseeing tours usually include a chance to see the pearl farms in operation and admire the pearls. All the modern means of communication are available in these islands of shell-decorated homes and family fish parks, where children can choose a playmate from among the small sleeping sharks.


Nature runs wild in the islands of the Marquesas, which are clustered near the equator. The coastlines are either indented with bays or end in abrupt cliffs, swept by the surf, and consist of stunning natural scenery. Goats and wild horses roam in complete freedom, and fruits of the earth and sea abound in this incomparable domain. The lilting language, songs and rhythmic dances, cultural and decorative arts, the fine art of cooking, and the comeback of sandalwood are sources of pride and identity for its peoples. Transportation must adjust to the steep and tortuous mountains and some isolated valleys, making the helicopter and out-board, as well as four-wheel drive vehicles and horses, practical means of transportation.

Let Pacific Holidays arrange your dream vacation in Tahiti. We will exceed your every expectation. Contact us at 800-355-8025 to book your trip to Bora Bora Island and Tahiti.




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