Why Fiji and Samoa Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Posted on by Pacific Holidays


Ever wonder about exploring Fiji and Samoa? Worry no more and see just why these two beautiful islands should be on your bucket list with 8 days and 6 nights in beautiful paradise with Pacific Holidays! Spend even more time in this gorgeous paradise with the upgraded options for an ocean view room at Warwick Resort.

Both Fiji and Samoa have gorgeous beaches and it will truly feel like paradise. Between the crystal clear warm water, white sand, coconut tress and plenty of colorful fish just swimming by, you will never want to leave! You can sit with a cocktail in hand and relax or participate in some of the water activities, including snorkeling, diving, surfing and more. Snorkeling and diving is on par with other great diving spots like the Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea. There are so many places in both Fiji and Samoa that make excellent snorkeling and diving spots, depending on what type of creatures you are hoping to see. In Samoa, explore marine life and wild turtles.

Fiji isn’t just all about beaches. There is also the Fijian jungle, where travelers can explore rivers and discover hidden waterfalls. With all the lush rain forest, hiking is plentiful and there are optional cliff dives on tours. The rain forest is the perfect place to relax or have some adventure.

Fiji and Samoa have plenty of culture to explore. The people are friendly and always greet travelers with a smile. There are plenty of local goods and souvenirs to always remember your trip with local food and flea markets. There are abundant curries in Fiji and Samoa, and if you like Indian food you are in luck. Even if you don’t enjoy curries and spicy food, there is plenty of fresh and local produce and the islands have been doing farm to table before it even became a popular trend.

Fiji and Samoa are two islands that are great for any type of vacation. They are perfect for couples getaways with their gorgeous landscape and plenty of relaxation, and there is nothing better than enjoying time with your loved one. Both islands are safe and have plenty of attractions that are great for kids and families. Between water obstacle courses, zip lining and other water activities, there is plenty for the whole family to do!

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