Visit Historical Heritage Sites of South Korea

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Many Americans are fascinated with historical sites of Asia, but know very little about them. The Korean World Heritage Tour organized by Pacific Holidays Inc will take you to visit heritage sites found in South Korea. These sites, having been in existence for centuries, will help you to experience the history of this captivating country.

The tour starts with a visit to the Gyeongbok Palace which served as the royal residence from the early 1600′s into the 1800′s. The attached beautiful Secret Gardens has over a 100 species of trees, some over 300 years old. Next, you will travel to see the 1796 built Hwaseong Fortress, South Korea’s only remaining walled fortress. Then on to the Tomb of King Sejong the Great. Ruling from 1418 – 1450, King Sejong helped establish Confucian learning throughout Korea. Astronomy, ceramics, painting, and the Korean writing system all made great advancement during his reign.

The Seokguram Grotto, part of the Buddhist Bulguksa temple complex located in Gyeongju, is scheduled for the fifth day of the tour. Classified as a National Treasure by the South Korean government, this structure built in the 8th century houses a large statue of Buddha seated within a circular chamber beneath a hemispherical dome. Then on to Suncheon to visit the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia. The Cheomseongdae astronomical observatory, built circa 632-647, was used to observe the stars in order to forecast the weather.

Then take a full day to enjoy the capital of South Korea, Seoul. Seoul is a modern megacity full of culture, history, street markets, and authentic Korean food. A few ideas of places to visit in Seoul would be the Namdaemun Market, a traditional market that houses more than 10,000 stores. The Bukchon Hanok Village, an ancient village that preserves a 600-year-old urban settlement. Or you may be interested in visiting the Suyeonsanbang traditional tea house or the Noryangjin Fish Wholesale Market, each giving you a “taste” of the Korean experience.

The World Heritage Tour of South Korea leaves from the Los Angeles Airport, LAX, and flies to Seoul, Korea. This seven-night, nine-day trip will help you to appreciate the rich history of the Korean Pennsula. Pacific Holidays Inc has booked rooms at first class hotels for your comfort. Pricing starts at $3,795 per person, including airfare. Book your Korean World Heritage Tour with us today on our website at Pacific Holidays.

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