Two Important India Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

Posted on by Pacific Holidays

Are you planning to travel to India anytime soon? Then this would be a very exciting adventure, as India never fails to give you surprises. You may have already been to the country once before, but you just can’t predict what your next visit has to offer. This is mainly because of the India’s rich culture that is heavily influenced by religion, tradition, and other beliefs.

But before actually packing your bags, perhaps you should take a note on some of the most important tips when going on an India travel. These include:

Explore the provinces

Sure, there are a lot to see in the main cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, but the stress of the urban jungle can easily drain your strength. Besides, India is a place where you have to let go of your worries and not gain more of them.

So yes, when going to India, better check out the provinces, such as those in Rishikesh, Karnataka, and Goa. These destinations also offer beautiful sites that represent the country’s culture, albeit in a rather soothing manner.


Traffic jams are common in the country, wherever part you may be. You should then be tolerant when the locals you intend to work with arrive late, as they also have a different concept of time and appointments.

You should also have the patience with the traffic schemes in the country, as it is common for you to get stuck in a taxi for hours on the road. If you can, then you may want to use other transport alternatives, such as a train ride, or renting a bike or motorcycle.

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