Travel to Macau: More than the Casinos

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Macau is a popular tourist destination in China, not only because of its detachment from the mainland like Hong Kong, but also for being a gambling hubspot in Asia. Yes, some people even tag it as the “Monaco of the East.”
But this small region offers more than just the fabulous hotels and casinos. If you are planning to travel to Macau anytime soon, then here are some of the things you should check out:
1. Get lost in the Venetian
No, Venice is not located in Macau. However, there is a grand luxury hotel in the city that’s inspired by the romantic Venetian architecture, and is called the Venetian Hotel.
Many tourists visit the Venetian not necessarily to check in or play in the casinos, but just to do some sightseeing. You may want to follow suit as well as this is one of the main attractions Macau has to offer.
2. Ruins of St. Paul
As a former Portuguese colony, Macau still boasts a few religious structures that are worth checking out. Among these is the Ruins of St. Paul, a high rise church that was destroyed by a fire during the 19th century. Now a garden centerpiece, the ruins is often flocked by tourists who want to get away from the crazy casino life.
3. Shop at Senado Square
The Senado Square is also a vast commercial complex in Macau, and is often the center of shopping and recreation in the city. So yes, if you’re into going to casinos or are on a vacation with kids, then this is a good place to enjoy the day.

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