Macau: All-Inclusive Grand Prix Package Includes Air Fare and More

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Macau: All-Inclusive Grand Prix Package Includes Air Fare and More

Macau: All-Inclusive Grand Prix Package Includes Air Fare and More

It’s easy to combine your love for wicked fast and exciting Formula One auto racing with your desire to see exotic Asia. This Macau Grand Prix package starts at only $2989 and includes your air fare, all transfers, tours and much more. When you use this package to tour Macau, you can experience the best that China has to offer, including one of the most anticipated races in the world, and know that your expenses are paid.

Nine Days and Seven Nights of Pure Bliss

The package will have you departing from the beautiful city of Los Angeles no later than November 9, 2014 in order to ensure that you are able to view the Grand Prix. You will relax while on your trans-Pacific flight aboard a Cathay Pacific Airways flight. After crossing the International Date Line, you will land in the vibrant city of Hong Kong the next day. All government land and air fees are included in the price of this tour package.

Touring Breathtaking Hong Kong

Your base while in Hong Kong is the gorgeous Kimberley Hotel. Located in the midst of Hong Kong’s vast entertainment and shopping district, you have many ways to relax and enjoy yourself during the free time that is built into this tour package. After your free breakfast, embark on a half-day tour lead by an English-speaking guide. A few of the key elements of Hong Kong that are included in your Macau tour are Aberdeen’s unique floating restaurants, the bustling Stanley Market, Victoria Peak and the Sampan Dwellers.

Onward to Exciting Macau

On your fifth day of your Asian tour, you will leave the Kimberley Hotel via private transfer and arrive at the Pier. After boarding your Turbojet, you will arrive in Macau and be greeted by your English-speaking tour guide. In addition to other must-see stops on your tour of Macau, you will also visit the Grand Prix Museum to get your adrenaline flowing in anticipation of the race. You’ll stay in the sumptuous Grand Emperor Hotel, and enjoy a free breakfast daily, while in Macau.

Grand Prix Weekend

Slated to run from November 13th through the 16th, the Grand Prix offers options to view both the practices races and the Grand Prix race itself. There are a number of ticketing options that allow you to gain access to viewing stations, as well as a host of other exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities. You are free to choose the options that work best for you.

Arriving Home

On the last day of your Macau tour, you will travel via the free shuttle from the Grand Emperor Hotel, embark upon the Turbojet Express and arrive at the Hong Kong International Airport. After boarding your Cathay Pacific Airways flight, you’ll land in Los Angeles on the same day you left Hong Kong.


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