Travel India Like an Expert: Five Tips for First Time Visitors

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When you travel to India, you’re starting the trip of a lifetime.  Everything about India is vital and colorful, from the food to the clothing to the varied landscape.  However, India can also be overwhelming and tricky to navigate.  Take the stress out of this amazing experience by letting a professional travel agency like Pacific Holidays handle the planning;  all you’ll have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.  While you’re there, remember our five tips for first time visitors and get the most out of your trip:

When you’re taking a trip to India, burnout is a real risk because it’s such a large and varied country.  Build a ‘rest day’ into your schedule now and then for some much needed recharging.  This also gives you flexibility to linger in a place you’ve come to love.

Distances in India are larger than you might expect, and the major roads can be absolutely packed with every mode of land transportation you can imagine.  Save some time and your sanity and fly between major cities.  This is especially useful if you want to experience both the farflung North and South stretches of the country.  Some India Tours offer flights between popular areas as part of their package.

Indian cuisine is beloved around the world for good reason, but approach it with caution.  The intense spices may upset a stomach that isn’t used to them.  Street stands offer excellent value, but if you’re not careful you could catch something that will leave you sick for the rest of your trip.  Avoid that by sticking to foods that are boiled, fried, or prepared fresh in front of you.  Skip salads that are rinsed in local water and avoid iced drinks.

Show respect for local values by dressing a little more conservatively than you would back home.  There’s no need to cover yourself completely in this heat and humidity, but take a hint from the locals and cover your arms and legs in clothing made from natural fibers.  Remember to remove your shoes when entering a home or temple.

Bartering is a beloved way of life in India.  Everyone does it, but this practice can seem strange to tourists who aren’t used to it.  It pays to be familiar ahead of time with what the goods or services are worth and offer a little less.  Then, you and the vendor can work up a fair price.

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