Top Reasons to Travel to Chile

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Chile is one of the most diverse countries in Latin America, and you just couldn’t resist going there for a vacation. It is a piece of heaven for outdoor enthusiasts, posh vacationers, and even for backpackers, as almost everything-from beaches to ski resorts, are already present in the country.

But what other reasons do you need to get convinced to travel to Chile?

1. Ski, surf, and ride.

Like what we said earlier, Chile is home to ski resorts, rodeo drives, and surfing destinations. You can go to Valle Nevado to play with the snow, and just three hours a way you can bathe in the waters of Pisco Sour. And yes, if you have the thing for horses, you can saddle up at the foot of the Andes. How cool is that, right?

2. Gorge on the seafood.

When its neighbors are crazy over beef, Chileans devour seafood. Being near the ocean has its perks, and this is one of them. It is in Chile where you can grab on lobsters, prawns, and calamari on a daily basis, in various preparations. Seafood is among the best things you can get in the country, so you better not miss it.

3. Crazy Santiago.

Santiago is one of the most industrialized cities in South America. It has a clean metropolis, organized residential and commercial districts, and offers a lot modern conveniences. You will definitely enjoy your stay in the city as you get all the comfort you need after exploring the great outdoors of the neighboring provinces.

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