Top Reasons to Spend Your Holiday in Vietnam

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Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. It may be struggling in terms of economic growth, but it is very rich in history, culture and tourist attractions. Many foreigners travel in Vietnam every year to experience the simple yet fulfilling lifestyle of the locals, and as well to witness a vacation that’s totally different from what they have in the West.

But why exactly should you travel in Vietnam during your next holiday escapade? Here are some reasons to consider:

More value for your money

A few bucks can go a long way in Vietnam, as the local currency is very low when exchanged with the US dollar. This is one of the few tourist destinations where you can easily afford a decent hotel room and luxury accommodations without having to spend that much.

Floating markets

Are you looking for a more exciting take on a river cruise? Then you should check out the floating markets of Vietnam. Yes, the market stalls are situated in the waters of the Hanoi River, and you can shop for your goods while on your boat.

This is actually a good experience especially when you’re in Vietnam for a gastronomical adventure. The locals are actually friendly in introducing their cuisines, as well as the ingredients they use to make scrumptious Vietnamese meals.

Pristine beaches

Vietnam is home to various beaches, although many of them are not yet developed for tourists. Hence, if you want to enjoy a beach holiday in the country, then you may as well visit Nha Trang or the island of Phu Quoc. These destinations offer beautiful beaches and clear waters, and less of the crowd. You’ll definitely enjoy your stay in these beachfronts especially if you’re longing for a quiet, private holiday.

Rock out at Halong Bay

If you’re big fan of the great outdoors, then you will definitely enjoy spending the day at Halong Bay. This famous bay offers a wide array of majestic rock formations, caves and as well as floating communities. Most tourists who come to this attraction usually climb the rock formations, explore the caves, and cruise around the bay during their stay.

Comfort food galore

For sure you’ve heard of Pho, the Vietnamese dish. However, if you’re going to travel in Vietnam, you will be introduced not just to the Pho, but to its many variants, as well as other authentic Vietnamese dishes. The Vietnamese are heavy users of rice, soy sauce, seafood and vegetables, and they are known for turning these ingredients into the ultimate comfort food you could ever have.

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year

It’s also worth spending the New Year in Vietnam, as the locals have a different way of celebrating it. Being a Buddhist country, Vietnam relies on the lunar calendar when celebrating the New Year, and a lot of preparations take place before the big event. There are festivals, street parties and fireworks displays all over the country, which run for a week before the actual New Year. A more laidback celebration takes place after the New Year, as families gather together in their hometowns and hold village feasts for everyone to enjoy.

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