Things You Can Find in Your Tour of Indonesia

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Indonesia has become extremely popular to tourists thanks to its beach destination of Bali and being an important location for the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” But apart from the pop culture references, what should you expect from a tour of Indonesia?

If you are thinking of going on a series of Indonesia tours soon, then here are some of the important things you should keep tabs on:

Hotel accommodations

Like its neighbors in Southeast Asia, Indonesia offers cheap accommodations. You can only find expensive room rates in 5-star hotels. The typical room rates in the country range are from $5-15, depending on the room and establishment you check into.

Sights and Activities

Aside from going to the beach, Indonesia also offers various types of activities, including visits to the Borobudur Temple at around $20, hiking at Mt. Batur, and frolicking at the Bunaken and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park.

Indonesia is also known for being the home of the famed Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world. While it is not a fire-breathing dragon, this creature has a reputation of being fierce and wild. You can find these dragons at the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Spa galore

Are you looking for a way to relax after a busy tour of Indonesia? Then it would be a great idea to head to a wellness spa. Spas are very popular in the country, as they provide massage and relaxation services the traditional way. Indonesians have their own method of getting rid of stress, and this is by using certain kinds of herbs and natural oils during their massage routines.

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