There’s More to Peru Than Just Inca Ruins

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Peru Trips

There’s more to Peru than Machu Picchu (pictured above)

Peru is often made synonymous in tourists’ minds with the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. So folks fly into Lima and then immediately center their entire trip around getting to the ruins and back. However, there’s far more to the country than just one historic location.

First, a Peru trip can easily involve a tour of the geographic differences of the country. A visit to the Manu National Park will expose a tourist to the wonder of the Amazon in terms of the jungle that sits inside Peru. Further, a day trip from Lima will allow a visitor to see the grand display of the Nazca lines, giant man-made designs on the ground, which makes a person wonder if we really are alone in the universe or not.

Second, if a visitor just wants to enjoy the coast and the ocean, Peru has its own share of beautiful beaches to visit. The northern coast of Peru has some of the best beaches in the country and the region. Those who love surfing will definitely enjoy the offerings due to their big waves at the beach of Chicama. For those who want to just sun worship, the far north has some premium coastal spots to visit with Mancora and Paita.

So if you want to visit Peru but not get caught up in the traffic jam to Macchu Pichu and back, don’t worry. The country has plenty to offer¬†Peru trips¬†that can expose the other side of the region for those interested in exploring more.


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