The Ultimate Journey to Korea

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The Classic Korea package is the best way for someone to experience this nation and its culture for the first time. South Korea is truly the jewel of the Far East, and this beautiful land will capture the hearts of all newcomers. It is not an understatement to say that most guests will look for an opportunity to book a trip back as soon as possible.

The Republic of Korea is home to a major metropolitan center based around Seoul. This is now one of the largest economies in the world and home to millions of people. Since the 1980s, the region has experienced unprecedented growth and is now considered a model of democracy and business success for the rest of Asia. The republic’s residents are also some of longest living and happiest in the world due to their superior healthcare system. Considering these strong points, it is no surprise that the nation is able to both hold onto its traditions and move forward into the future with great success.

With a flight that conveniently departs from Los Angeles, you can begin your 13 day journey through a number of incredible destinations in and around Seoul, South Korea. This area is home to both bustling, advanced metropolitan areas with advanced technology and transportation, as well as natural wonders like mountains, waterfalls, and forests. Some of the historical sites you will also see are well over one thousand years old, and artistic performances provide a cultural experience not found anywhere in the Western world. Pacific Holidays has worked meticulously to provide a once in a lifetime travel experience that is unforgettable and entertaining for all guests.

English speaking guides also accompany the tour group to all destinations. The main destinations include Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island, Mount Seorak, Gyeongju, and Mount Gaya National Park.

The package starts at $6,920 per each person, which includes air travel, buses between destinations, daily meals, and first class hotels. All taxes and government fees are also included in the package price. Visas are also not required for U.S. citizens, as this is a vacation for leisure and recreation only. Contact an agent at Pacific Holidays to get started on your journey today.

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