The Best Vacation Deal To Fiji

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Fiji islands are amongst the world’s top tourist destinations. Fiji is famous for its tropical climate, and sun-drenched beaches with the ever-swaying palm trees., with majestic coral reefs drawing tourists all year round. Pacific Holidays is a tour and travel agency that is bent on having you have the best vacation of your life in Fiji. They have various flash deals to ensure you are sorted, from flights, accommodation, meals, and touring experience.

Apart from the turquoise lagoons and sunny beaches, there are several leisure activities to engage yourself in Fiji. You can dive in Fiji’s pristine coral reefs or go snorkeling with dolphins. You may also do sightseeing of the Fiji rainforests, remote villages, and stunning mountains.

This deal entails unwinding in a three-night stay in a laid back result after an overnight flight from Los Angeles. Next, you get adults only treat in the newly opened Tropica Resort. In here, you get to experience their exquisite cuisine and a daily change in your menu for five days.

The deal gives you an opportunity to indulge in the  Fiji city life and various adventures in Australia. The first four days are marked by sightseeing in Sydney, with Opera House on the harbor at its peak. You also get to visit the best botanical gardens in Sydney, romantic coastal walks from Coogee Beach to Bondi, or an adventure climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  You can opt to spend the last three nights exploring Fiji at a $1999 special rate.

Planning a vacation is quite hectic. Also, you can’t quite tell the best places or activities for fun in a new location. Pacific Holidays takes off this load. With such special rates, ensure you get the best out of your vacation with Pacific Holidays.


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