The Best Time to Visit Cambodia

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Are you planning to travel in Cambodia in your next vacation? Well, Cambodia is an exotic country that’s known for its ancient landmarks such as the Angkor Wat, Angkor Tom and Siem Reap. There are also a lot of pagodas, temples and shrines in the country that have been preserved throughout centuries, making this small nation worth the adventure.

But when is the best time to travel in Cambodia?

Before actually buying a plane ticket, you must realize that Cambodia has a tropical climate and is situated near the equator. Thus the weather in the country is warm almost all-year round. There are months when the rains pour very hard in Cambodia, and these are the times you may not want to schedule your trip.

The best time to visit Cambodia is from November to February. During these months the climate has already cooled down, making its roads conducive for traveling. The skies are also clearer during this time of the year, allowing tourists to check out the country’s best attractions.

Another time travel in Cambodia is from July to October. The rains have already ceased during these months, but it can be hot and muggy at times. However, this is also the period when the lush greens are in full bloom, so you will definitely have a better appreciation of Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom if ever you check them out.

You may want to avoid the months of March to May. The summer season isn’t really ideal for traveling, as the sun is scorching hot and the air is very dry. If you are on a driving tour however, you can schedule your travel date during these months.

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