The Best Time to Travel to Ecuador

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A lot of tourists now travel to Ecuador not only to see the Galapagos, but also to visit the country’s historical and cultural heritage attractions. The country is known for its Incan civilization, and being a former colony of Spain, it is also projects a Hispanic flavor in its customs and traditions.

But when is the best time to travel to Ecuador? Below are a few tips:

The Peak Season

Most tourists go to Ecuador beginning the month of June to early September, and during late December to early January. These peak months came to be because these are the times Americans have the most days to spend for their vacation.

If you are going to Ecuador during the summer, you can expect a pretty tropical weather with light to occasional rains. The months of December to January meanwhile can be very cold in the mountains, but the weather in the lowlands is just mild and perfect for city touring.

If there’s one thing you have to keep in mind about going during the peak seasons, then that would be to book your travel package in advance. This is because a lot of people come to the country during those months, and it can be expensive to get a plane ticket and hotel accommodation. When you book early, you are able to grab discounts and special packages that tend to be worth double their price when purchased during the said season.


While it is known to be a tropical country, Ecuador has 4 distinct geographical zones with their own weather conditions.

If you intend to visit the Galapagos, then during the months of June to September the air and water tend to be very cold, while the winds can be hard. The months of October through May on the other hand offer milder temperatures, but rains may take place on a daily basis.

When you are on the coastal areas, the rainy season begins in December and lasts throughout May. This season takes place after a period of hot weather and humidity, and afterwards offers a cooler air temperature. The months of June to September are best spent in the coastal areas, as this is the time when you can find dolphins and other marine creatures playing on the waters.

Despite the rains, it can be sunny in this part of Ecuador, especially during mornings.

The same climate conditions take places in Quito and in the highlands of Ecuador, but the temperatures can be colder after June to September. While Quito is situated right on the equator, temperatures can still be cold because of the high altitude.

The rainforests of El Oriente meanwhile experience showers almost all-year round, the heaviest from December to April. The dry months start in October and end in December.


There are a lot of holidays in Ecuador, and these play a big role in determining the best time to go. If you want to know what an Ecuadorian holiday is like, then take note of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. You can also spend a holiday during the spring, so that you can take part of Easter, Labor Day, and Simon Bolivar Day.

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