Surfing in Nicaragua

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Central America is known for its hot and arid climate, but in case you should know, this is also the perfect weather for surfing. So if you are looking for a surf camp in this part of the world, then why not weigh your options in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua may be a small country located in Central America, but it offers fabulous shorelines that are perfect for surfing. In fact, a lot of surf camps are found in the country, and they hold prestigious competitions most international surfers join in.

You may want to include a day or two in your Nicaragua tour to be dedicated for surfing. This is because even during your short stay, you can learn a lot about surfing, as lessons are taught by the masters of the waves.

There are surf camps located in the towns of Popoyo, Guasacate, which are both near Las Salinas. You can make a sort stopover to these communities during your Nicaragua vacation, so that you’d get to see what it feels like to surf in this part of the Americas.

Meanwhile, if you’re the lazy beach bum and are stuck in a surf camp, then you may want to explore the beaches and hang out with the locals instead. They are really friendly and accommodating, and if they’re in the mood these locals can give you a lesson or two in fishing or snorkeling-and maybe even cooking your own dinner, Nicaraguan style.

So if you’re up for a crash course in Nicaraguan culture, hangout and water sports, then it’s best to pay these surf camps a visit.

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