South Korea Travel Guide: History, Culture, and Top Destinations

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If you’re headed to Asia for your next vacation, definitely think outside the box. Rather than planning to go a typical place, make your journey anything but ordinary by traveling to an often-overlooked but highly satisfying location: Korea. The country of South Korea is just to the south of North Korea, northwest of Japan, and east of China.

Local History

With a history that traces well back into the BC era, South Korea has changed much since its founding. In 1948 North and South Korea became independent of each other, with the southern part becoming capitalist. This is the part of Korea where tourism has taken place up until now. The northern and southern parts and still technically at war, although no literal war is being fought. In 1988, the southern Korean capital city of Seoul hosted the summer Olympics. The first female president of South Korea was elected in 2012.

Cultural Highlights

The South Korean culture is intricately tied in with the country’s history and geography. Because of the country’s location, it is set apart from other countries so maintains its own distinctive culture. People in South Korea are known for being ultra-modern as well as having an excellent sense of style and focus on the arts. The architecture is renowed, as is the superior and varied cuisine.

Top Destinations

You won’t run out of places to go and things to do in South Korea. No trip would be complete without a tour of Seoul, which as the capital is more than 600 years old and a great blend of historic and contemporary. Busan, another large city, offers beautiful beach areas such as Haeundae beach. Both of these cities are also home to many historic sites, shopping, and restaurants. Other places to see in South Korea include Jirisan National Park, which is the biggest and oldest national park in South Korea, Seoraksan National Park, the island Jeju, the massive shopping mall Myeong-dong, and the historic Kwangchang Market.

Travel to Korea is straightforward, thanks to the plentiful airport and flight options. There are also a variety of wonderful hotels and other accommodations. To get started with making your travel plans, contact us to find out more about our Korea tours and travel package. It’s the best start for getting there because it includes everything you need for your Korean adventures, even airfare.

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