San Rafael Glacier: Chile’s Ultimate Chill-Out Spot!

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Photo Credit: Ralf Peek

Photo Credit: Ralf Peek

You may think that just because you’re in South America, the weather’s all hot and arid. Well, that’s partly true because most of the continent is located in the middle of the equator. However, if you’re looking for a place to relax and feel the icy freeze in the Americas, then there’s one that hits the jackpot: the San Rafael Glacier.

The San Rafael Glacier is located at the lower part of Chile, at the Laguna San Rafael. Accessible by both plane and boat, this site offers a mesmerizing winter paradise you would never expect in this country that’s known for being dry almost all the time.

The lagoon offers a number of vast, raging waterfalls and several creeks, all of which are topped with chunks of ice. You can have it mistaken for the Niagara, but it somehow it looks more majestic and offers more mystery.

So how come a glacier is present in Chile? Well, the lagoon is located at the southern tip of the country’s Patagonia mountain range, which is already near another continent, Antarctica. It’s more like the extension of the Antarctic, so the waters are icy all year round.

If you’re thinking of taking a Chile vacation, then this glacier is definitely worth a visit. It may not be part of your Chile tour, but if you have the time and luxury to extend your stay, then you might as well fly over to the lagoon in order to discover something new-and chill out with icy ambiance as well.

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