Qatar, The Home of Desert Safaris

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Qatar is an arid land surrounded by the Persian Gulf but borders Saudi Arabia to the south, the only land border. Because of the shoreline, it has many dunes and beaches. For someone thinking of visiting the country, here are some things that make it an excellent vacation destination.
A Rich Muslim Culture
One of the things you will notice when you visit the country is that the majority of the people are Muslims. This means that it is an excellent place to learn, interact and borrow a few practices you can take with you back home. A visit to some of the markets in the capital city Doha and other towns will reveal the country’s rich culture. One of the notable markets is the Souq Waqif, where you will find all cultural items on sale such as clothes, jewelry, gifts, spices, traditional garments among other things. There are also traditional and local delicacies to sample in the restaurants and lounges in the market.
Desert Tours
Being an arid country, desert tours is a major attraction. You get to tour the deserts of Qatar using 4-wheel drive vehicles. The vehicles have top of the range air conditioning that contrasts with the weather conditions outside. Spending the night in tented camps during the safari is a memorable event you would not want to miss. For the best desert safaris, Doha is the country to visit. You will also have a chance of spotting the white gazelles and antelopes in Almaha Sanctuary.
Beach Tours
Because it is surrounded by the Persian Gulf, this is the place to be for those who want to sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful beaches such as the Khor al udaid. Other points of interest are the Doha Corniche which stretches for more than five km along Doha Bay. This makes a spectacular view, especially in the evenings. You can also cruise the corniche using a dhow.
Sports Tourism
Qatar is hosting the 2022 Fifa world cup. This is because of its state of the art sports arenas. It has the first ever grass golf club in the Middle East. Notable too is the Hamad bin Khalifa stadium and Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex.

There are no language barriers in Qatar as almost everyone communicates in English as a second language. Many foreigners are working in the country which has also promoted English as the language many prefer. These attributes, among many others, make Qatar a favorite tourist destination.

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