Planning Your Brazil Vacation: City Tour or Jungle Trek

Posted on by Pacific Holidays


Brazil is definitely one of the best places to visit in South America, but because it is home to vast tourist spots and attractions, it can be difficult to plan out your itinerary. Of course, you want to get the best of both worlds when you’re on a Brazil vacation, right? But which of the two should you pick-the jungle trek in the Amazon River, or the city tours of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo?

Indeed, there are Brazil tour packages that include city tours and jungle hikes, but if you do go for these, you may not be able to enjoy your itineraries because you’ve already gotten exhausted on your first stop. Hence, if you are planning for a vacation that you want to make the most out of, then you really have to choose one kind of package instead.

If you happen to be a fan of sightseeing, like take pictures of this place and then go to the other for a short visit, then a city tour would suit you better than a jungle hike. It’s because you’re not after the experience of traveling per se, but the thought of having been to these places and making memories by means of taking pictures. City tours are not really boring as they seem to be, but they are more intended for vacationers who want to relax and get to know more about Brazil.

However, if you think you’re up for the wild ride, then an Amazon River package would be a better choice. You get to visit the Amazon jungle, hike at the eco-parks, and climb the mountains as well.

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