Paradise Awaits: Three Weeks In Tahiti

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Paradise Awaits: Three Weeks In Tahiti

Imagine it now: the sand beneath your feet, crystal blue waters, and a delicious plate of fresh seafood sitting next to your lounge chair. Sound too good to be true? It’s not- and it’s less expensive than you would think.

Tahiti: The Fun

Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to kick back in your swimsuit, enjoying the sun for the entire duration of your stay in Tahiti. If you’d prefer to see the sights, you’ll fall in love with all that the islands have to offer. Check out La Plage de Maui, a white sand beach known for its crystal clear waters. Enjoy relaxing in the calm of the ocean, or venture to a nearby lagoon. Ready for adventure? Check out Tahiti’s sister island, Moorea. Its rugged mountains and lush forests provide endless opportunities for hiking and exploring. No trip to Tahiti is complete without a trek to the Faarumai waterfalls. The falls are like something out of a movie- vast expanses of rock, pouring white water into the teal calm below.

Tahiti: The Food

After all your exploring (or all your relaxing), you’ll have worked up quite an appetite. Good news- Tahitian food is some of the most delicious in the world. Fresh seafood can be found on every menu in Tahiti, as it’s a staple of the standard Tahitian diet. No matter what your fish preference, you’ll find it here, and you’ll find it fresh. Grouper, mahi-mahi, tuna, and bonito abound. If you’d like to try something more out of the box, river prawns are plentiful and available in most restaurants. Be sure to stop by a hima’a at some point during your trip. This large, in-ground oven is covered with palm leaves, allowing flavors to marinate in meat for hours. Popular hima’a offerings include chicken, pork, shrimp, lobster, and even banana and yams. You’ll also want to make sure you enjoy some refreshing coconut water, which will be easy to find. Coconut is a staple of Tahitian cooking.

Can You Taste The Hima’a Yet? It’s Time To Book!

If you’ve been thinking about a trip to Tahiti, this is the time to jump. We’re offering 21 days/ 18 nights for $4,999 a person, including airfare. This is the voyage (and price) of a lifetime- don’t wait to book your trip.

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