Pacific Holidays Offering All Inclusive Luxury Trip to Panama Beach & Rainforest

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The new year is quickly approaching and it’s time to give yourself the luxury, dream vacation of a lifetime to Panama Beach and the rainforest. Pacific Holiday is offering an all-inclusive deal that’s just too good to pass up! This dream vacation is a flash deal so it’s important you act now.

So, what does this tropical getaway include? You’re getting seven days, and 6 nights, with airfare from the United States for $1,499 (normally $2,199) per person. This is a 32 percent savings that’s only going to last 136 days.

Are you looking to get out of the city and see what’s out there? Panama is known for being able to preserve its wilderness along the crystal blue coastline and beautiful skyscrapers. You’ll be able to spend time at the Westin Playa Bonita, which is just outside of Panama City, where you can enjoy the peacefulness but still be a quick trip to one of Central America’s largest and most exciting cities.

When you’re done exploring what the city has to offer and did some shopping, it’s time to head out for an exciting adventure that you’ll never forget in the rainforest. The town of Gamboa, which to some seems remote,  is a charming town that’s considered as the “best-preserved” out of all the towns of the Old Panama Canal Company.

Gamboa is described as a “pleasant community of broad, curving streets, old wooden canal houses, and leafy walks.” The remote feeling many people get is because you’re not surrounded by loud noises, tall buildings, and bright lights. You’re surrounded by the stunning tropical nature that’s worthy of multiple Instagram shots.

During the unforgettable trip, you’re able to take an aerial tram that goes over the rainforest, navigate your way through the rivers, and checking out the biodiversity of Panama firsthand.

For additional information, please visit Pacific Holidays for more information about the trip and itinerary. It’s time to start planning the vacation of a lifetime.

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