Japan – Where the Future Meets the Past

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The Japanese culture reaches back millennia. The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most remarkable, picturesque, and gracious countries. Theirs is a culture that mixes an inherent cultural kindness with that of a high-tech society.

The many faces of Japan stretch from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of modern city life in Tokyo, to the mellow city of Okinawa, to a Zen-like experience when visiting Kyoto. Japan offers their visitors unique and tasty foods, grandiose shrines, and Zen gardens that allow one to locate their own piece of mind. Its historical culture is rich in history.  Japan has a reputation for being a costly vacation destination, however, there are enough tricks of the trade that will make this travel destination affordable.

Visit the Free Attractions in Japan–Many of the Japan’s parks and museums are free, which makes it affordable to immerse oneself in their culture.

Get a Japan Rail Pass – Japan’s bullet trains are quite costly. If you plan to travel around the country, check out the unlimited pass for 7, 14, or 21 days to save oodles of money. Remember, the unlimited pass is only available outside the country, so plan ahead!

Use the Bus System – Japan’s buses are significantly less costly than the train, but take a lot longer. If you have the available time, consider the bus.

Shop at the 100 Yen ($1 USD) stores – These dollar stores in Japan are stocked with groceries, water, toiletries, and household items.

Barter for your Room – Some Hostels in Japan allow their guests to work to pay for their room.

Be smart. Buy Food After 8 p.m.  Supermarkets discount their fresh food, as they are required by law to not use the food for the next day.  Buying after 8 p.m. typically offers savings of up to 50%.

The Take-Away

Don’t let the language barrier or pricey reputation dissuade you from visiting Japan. Those vacationers lucky enough to experience the Japanese culture won’t regret their visit.

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