Installment #3 of “What’s so great about the new PH?”

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To help you get acquainted with the features of our new website, we are rolling out a series of blogs entitled “What’s so great about the new PH?”

In the third and final installment, the next feature is actually a feature that was prominent in our last website and is a staple of the Pacific Holidays brand:  our staff, their knowledge and their expertise.

Travel is an adventure, so no matter where the wind may take you, there is always something new and exciting waiting on the other side. Now, getting to this other side and making sure you have an amazing experience is something that can often prove difficult, but with the assistance of Pacific Holidays’ experienced travel staff, no stones are left unturned and everything is covered to make sure you and everyone else traveling with you receives the trip of a lifetime.

Anyone can direct you to a website for booking or read off of a pre-designed information packet to show you the highlights. In your research of the destination of choice, you probably already did all of this and this is why you wish to travel to the destination. With Pacific Holidays, you are not only talking and interacting with professional travel advisors, you are communicating with people who have been to where you want to visit and can offer you first hand accounts of the best locations to check out, the best hidden gem restaurants and all the advice an overview from a generalized website just is not going to provide you.

Travel, especially international travel, is not without issues. No matter how prepared you are or how much research has gone into your trip, the unexpected can happen. When it does, you need a staff that knows how to handle the situation and what to do to make sure you not only continue enjoying your trip, but that you can relax and not worry. Pacific Holidays has worked with every airline carrier, every hotel chain and they have dealt with every sort of unforeseen incident or occurrence possible. They know how to assist you, what the best course of action is and how to correct everything going on. This way, your trip of a lifetime can remain a positive, life changing experience.

Now, if you are still searching for that perfect vacation but aren’t completely sure what might be best for you, talk to the experienced staff at Pacific Holidays. They can work with your desires and what you like to do and match you up with a tour that best fits your needs. You may be completely surprised as to what is the perfect holiday adventure for you, but you’ll always be glad you did, all with the help of the professional, experienced staff at Pacific Holidays.

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