Installment #2 of “What’s so great about the new PH?”

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Royal Palace - Cambodia

Royal Palace – Cambodia

To help you get acquainted with the features of our new website, we are rolling out a series of blogs entitled “What’s so great about the new PH?”

In the second installment, we will highlight the deals and information you can now easily find on the website.

Pacific Holidays is pleased to announce some value-added Flash Deals innovative tours on our brand new website! Their popularity and on trend demand right now makes them a limited time offer for about 15 to 30 days. Our customers will find deals for some of the hottest destinations on the globe! These exceptional packages include the hotel, needed transfers, and select tours. Many deals also have advantages like round-trip airfare and savings of up to 40% off regular prices.

Ease of Use:

Our new Pacific Holidays full-service e-commerce website features a user-friendly format to create your account, instantly make payments on reservations, access traveler information for every destination, and more Рfrom one easy to manage location.  Our state-of-the-art online security structure allows our travelers to safely make reservation deposits and payments for trips, secure hard to find packages using most major debit or credit cards.

You will be able to view information on the most current travel packages available for some of the most beautiful and exotic locations you can imagine. Dubai is a captivating, extraordinarily designed cities in the world. The engineering advances in the city of Dubai have the highest tower, largest ever indoor ski resort for all levels of athletic ability, mammoth sports arenas, and the largest shopping malls in the Middle Eastern area. Fashion forward and educationally minded, billions upon billions of dollars have been spent in this city to capture the tourists imagination. Travelers who are looking to be pampered, taken away into a world of fantasy and exotic cultural histories will delight in locations like Asia, Fiji, and Tahiti to name a few. Another remarkable travel package will include Australia, for travelers who want to connect with a natural environment that can offer a whole different set of amenities and adventure.

Check Out Our Flash Deals Often!

Watch for our various Flash Deals by logging on to our new website often, you don’t want to miss a valuable window of opportunity. The team at Pacific Holidays is always watching for special finds to offer our wonderful clients super deals, exquisite travel package advantages, and “hard to find” tours to suit even the most sophisticated world traveler. Pacific Holidays is excited to present this “easy to book reservation service” for our busy customers you want the best information available at their fingertips. Easily find romance, white sand beaches, and amazing views, paired with fabulous food, or natural safaris to excite and impress. From Tahiti to Fiji to Australia, you’ll find the amenities you seek like wireless internet and poolside bars, or those special services to accommodate the children. Using our new website searches and very informative pages will save you time as well as cash!

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