Independent Japan: A Remote Planet

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Nature has gifted us with different kinds of lands on this planet. The climate, the population, the rites, and rituals of the people living in different areas are also different. Japan is one of the developed countries of the world located in the East Asian region. Most of the area of the country is comprised of small islands with beautiful buildings, shrines, temples, imperial palaces, and mountainous parks. Most of the people are hesitant to visit Japan because they consider it one of the costliest cities of the world. A trip to Japan can give the traveler such a glimpse of busy life that he would never forget it. Following are places that you will experience through this trip in this country.


Tokyo is the busiest city in the world with huge buildings and apartments. It is the capital of Japan and is the costliest city of the world also. The city can be reached through a plane. The US travelers can take a flight from Los Angeles to reach Tokyo. Singapore Airline is the best service to travel from Los Angeles. The traveler is, at once, stunned by the traffic in the city. It seems as if the life is running like a whirlwind here in the city. There are beautiful gardens in the city also. The culture seems a mixture of old traditions as well as modern pop. There are a lot of restaurants in the city with Shiba Park Hotel as the best option.


Kyoto is another famous city in Japan. There was a time when the city was the capital of the country. This city is a lot famous across the travelers for its wooden buildings, large temples, shrines, beautiful gardens, and old Buddhist traditions. There are a lot of accommodation places in the city with Karasuma Hotel as the best option. The travelers get absorbed in the formal traditions of the city. There is a train service between the two cities. However, the travelers can choose to travel by roads.

JR Pass

Traveling in the country is nothing without JR Pass. This is because Japan Rail is one of the most economical ways to travel between the two famous and beautiful cities Tokyo and Kyoto. The Japan Rail issues the pass for foreign travelers to promote traveling and tourism in the country. This pass is valid for all kinds of traveling through JR group.

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In short, Japan is worth visiting country and an ideal place to spend holidays. This is because the travelers feel as if they are standing on some remote planet. Originally priced $2950, now with a 37% discount at only $1999 for 8 nights in this amazing country.


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