Important Things to Expect When on a Tour of Fiji

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Fiji tours are a different take when it comes to exploring the South Pacific. It is located further down the hemisphere, and it offers a beautiful range of beaches, mountains, and water forms most visitors never expect.

But while the sights of Fiji are already exhilarating, it is also worth knowing a few facts about the country before actually visiting it. So yes, when going on a tour of Fiji, here are some trivia bits that you may want to keep in mind:

The locals know how to speak in English.

While they have their own local language, the Fiji people know how to speak English. In fact, they are fluent in the language, as this is the medium of instruction they use in school. You can easily strike conversations with the locals during your stay in the country. This is actually a great thing as it helps you immerse with the local culture faster, and you don’t get lost in translation due to the language barrier.

The locals are also fond of talking about news and current events. They are into reading newspapers, watching news programs, and discussing these matters with their friends. You may want to know a thing or two about politics and other important matters if you are looking to build rapport with the locals you’re with.

The afternoons are very lazy.

Another unique feature that you can find in most Fiji tours is that the afternoons tend to be very boring and quiet. This is because the locals practice siestas after lunch, and they make it a point to take a nap during these hours. A lot of stores and establishments are also closed during these hours, so you really have to wait until around three to four o’clock for them to resume their operations.

Lots of beaches… at over 300 islands.

One of the wonders of Fiji is that it is made up of over 300 islands in its waters. This means that you have a lot of destinations to check out in Fiji tours, and you get to frolic in the beaches for most of your stay.

However, despite having more than 300 islands, only around 110 of these are inhabited. Regardless, you cannot just roam around all these islands in one visit, right?

Beer is a staple.

Fiji is known for its locally brewed beers. It is also common to find both locals and foreigners drink during the height of the afternoon-that is, when they are not taking a nap. You may want to get a bottle or two per day during your Fiji vacation, just so you get to understand what the local culture is about.

Learn to dive.

Aside from beaching, diving is an important outdoor activity in Fiji. When on a tour of Fiji, you may want to take advantage of the diving hotspots its shores offer. If you don’t know how to dive yet, then don’t worry; most diving services have lessons for beginners who want to feel how it’s like to explore the beauty underneath the sea.

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