How to Visit Peru with Kids

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A visit to Peru can be an exciting adventure for individual travelers, couples, or a group of friends. This is mainly because there are just a lot to experience in the country, from trekking the mountains of the Sacred Valley to hopping from one Incan site to another. But what if you’re going to tag your kids along during your trip?

Well, it is obviously a big challenge to bring kids when visiting Peru. Sure, the locals are very friendly and accommodating, not to mention family-oriented. But unlike going to theme parks or spending most of the vacation at the beach, Peru offers attractions that are more in tune with more mature travelers; you may want to carefully select your itinerary when you plan to bring your children along this kind of tour.

So how do you visit Peru with kids? Below are some tips:

1. Brief your children about your itinerary.

Kids love to travel, but at the same time they easily get bored once they arrive at the destination. You may experience this kind of frustration when you have your kids by your side while traveling, and to prevent them from acting out, you can tell them stories first about how your destinations look like. This way they know what to look forward to once you come to a specific itinerary, and explore what’s there that can tickle their interest.

2. Go for the Sacred Valley.

Sure, it can be physically draining to trek to the Incas, and since you have your kids with you, it would be a good decision to go straight to the Sacred Valley right away.

Among many things, the altitude is lower at the Sacred Valley, and this allows your kids to adjust easily with the climate. They can also rest here and then afterwards explore the other destinations, as they already know what they can stumble upon next.

While at the Sacred Valley, your kids can climb up the Incan ruins of Ollantaytambo and Pisac.

3. Machu Picchu.

After spending time at the Sacred Valley, then you can go ahead and trek towards the famous Machu Picchu. Kids would love this Incan site, albeit you may get exhausted running after them as they explore the ruins.

In Machu Picchu there are family-friendly accommodations that you can stay at, and these include the Agua Calientes and the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel.

4. Huayna Picchu.

Meanwhile, if your kids love to run and play, then you can go on a side trip to Huayna Picchu while you visit Peru. A less popular next-door neighbor to Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu offers more trails and hiking areas for your children to play at.

You can also discover the trails of Intipunku, which also offers a panoramic view of the Sacred Valley. Intipunku is less challenging, thanks to its more level plains.

5. Cuzco

When you’re done with trailing the mountains, you can take the kids for a relaxing stay in Cuzco. In this historic city they swim at the Sandoval Lake, or go on a river cruise through the Amazon.

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