Here’s Why You Have to Visit Borneo

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Semenggoh Nature Reserve

Borneo is a large island in the Malay Archipelago of Southeast Asia. People visit Borneo for its beaches and rainforest which attract a wide variety of wildlife, from orangutans to leopards. Parts of the island look like the Amazon while other parts are more reminiscent of the Carribean. Here’s why you should take a trip to Borneo as soon as you get the chance.


You’ll find wildlife all over the place in Borneo, but the best part is how unique that wildlife is. The rainforest and its rivers are home to tons of different species of frog, crocodiles, fireflies, and more. If you take a trip to the Matang Wildlife Centre in Kubah National Park, you can watch young orangutans learn the basics from their handlers. You can even learn about the preservation of the rainforests and get a chance to see the destruction firsthand. These are just some of the reasons why the wildlife in Borneo is incredibly special.


One thing you have to do during your visit to Borneo is soak up some culture. Whether you find a family to stay with while you’re on the island or you’re simply visiting a village to say hello, there’s nothing quite like experiencing authentic cultures that are so different from yours. You’ll have the chance to try new foods, hear stories about the island and its history, and get a taste of the hospitality that Borneo—and all of Malay—is known for. If you’re going to stay with a family, be sure to make arrangements before your trip.


The holy trinity of Borneo tourism is completed by nature, something Borneo has in spades. Not only is Borneo a beautiful island, it’s also one of the more unique islands you’ll find in the world. There are parts of Borneo that resemble the Amazon rainforest, but there are also parts that look like a beautiful beach in Cancun. This gives you the unique opportunity to experience a variety of nature without having to travel far.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Borneo—these are just three. But if you do visit, make sure you get a good taste of the wildlife, culture and nature in Borneo.

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