Hang Out with the Locals during Your Guatemala Vacation

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The typical Guatemala vacation usually lasts for 4-5 days, and this gives you a lot of time to explore the country and get to know its culture. The people in this mountainous country of Central America are friendly, and although they embrace their local traditions so much, they know how to keep up with foreign tourists and travelers.

If ever you have a scheduled Guatemala tour, then you should definitely make it a point to hang out with the local residents in the places you’re going to visit. For one, they give you more than a guided expedition of the country-they will introduce you to the best food, best places and in the best attractions not included in your itinerary.

For example, it’s not common for tourists to get the chance to wear traditional Guatemalan outfits, but if you happen to have established good ties with your local guides, then they’ll be more than happy to let you try out their ethnic outfits just for the kicks.

Guatemalans are hospitable by nature, and if you have given them a good impression, then they might just invite you for a home cooked dinner, or point you to the best diners in town.

Most of all, if you hang out with the locals, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to check out the tourist attractions in the country-you can get tips on how to save money, avoid scalpers and ultimately make the most out of your stay given the limited period of time.

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