Guatemala Vacation Package for Kids: Making the Right Choice

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Are you planning to purchase a Guatemala vacation package for your next holiday? Well, this can be a good choice especially when you’re already tired of the mainstream picks such as Brazil or Mexico. However, what if you are planning to take your kids on your escapade?

Many tourists usually think that because of its high altitudes and rocky terrains, Guatemala is not a place for children to spend their vacation. But hey, the country also offers a lot of child-friendly destinations, and these include:

1. Flores

Flores is a small island town located at Lake Peten Itza. It is connected to land via a causeway, and over the years it has gained popularity for being the last Mayan state that fought against the Spanish conquistadores. Kids will enjoy exploring its Mayan relics and ruins, particularly the famous ruins of Tikal.

2. Lago de Atitlan

When looking for a Guatemala vacation package for kids, you should not miss out on Lago de Atitlan. This lakeside destination is home to quiet and pristine shores, you and your kids can bask in the sun for a day or two here before heading to your next destination.

3. La Aurora Zoo.

One of the oldest zoos in Latin America, La Aurora Zoo first opened in 1914 and has evolved since. Nowadays the zoo has four different regions, namely: Asia, Africa, Granita, and American. Of course, each region houses its own animals, from snakes to lions and even giraffes. With the vast range sights and sounds, your kids will definitely enjoy their visit to the zoo.

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