Five Things You Must Do in Fiji

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When you want to really get away from it all, there’s no better place than planning a trip to Fiji. A group more than 300 islands in  the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji’s clear waters and soft white sands beckon you to luxuriate under its warm tropical sun any time of year. Are you ready to lay on a hammock at your beachfront villa and enjoy the peaceful sea winds? If you are nodding “yes”, then here five things we recommend that you do once you are in Fiji’s island paradise.

1. Explore the smaller islands.

Many of Fiji’s islands have all-inclusive resorts that make your stay convenient and restful. You can usually reach these islands by ferry or seaplane, and using each type of transportation keeps your trip exciting. When you travel to Fiji, you should get the full experience and try all methods of inter-island travel.

2. Get a luxurious spa treatment.

When you are in paradise, you definitely need to treat yourself. Why not get a beachfront massage as you listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean waves, or pamper your skin with a Fijian mud bath? After all, when you are on vacation, you need to take time for yourself and experience some luxury.

3. Go scuba diving and snorkeling.

You have to see Fiji’s stunning coral reefs and amazing aquatic life for yourself. With waters so clear, you can see everything in vibrant color! Adventures range from shallow-water snorkeling to deep-sea scuba diving with sharks or shipwrecks!

4. Experience Fijian culture.

There are ways to experience Fiji’s friendly island culture first-hand. You can go on an organized tour to local villages where the residents are ready to share their culture with you. Shop around and support local artisans by purchasing authentic handmade souvenirs. Or, experience a kava ceremony where you drink a relaxing ceremonial tea from the locals as a way to say “welcome!”

5. Taste the food!

Fijian food is one of a kind and absolutely delicious. Their traditional food is full of spice and curries and based on local freshness. Give your palate and adventure with some of Fiji’s famous dishes like kokoda, which is chopped raw mahi-mahi fish that is cured with citrus juices and coconut cream.  Eat in the island’s communal style to get a full experience of Fiji’s close-knit, family-centered culture.

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