Find Self-Discovery and More in the Bohemian Islands of Fiji and Samoa for Only $1,899 a Week

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The islands of Fiji and Samoa are like no place else on Earth. Not only are they filled with gorgeous scenery, exotic wildlife and perfect beaches, but the relaxed, introspective culture makes them a bohemian paradise. And starting at only $1,899 a person, you can spend a little over a week discovering these places and having new experiences, perhaps finding yourself along the way.

Here’s what’s in store:

After departing San Francisco or Los Angeles on Fiji Airlines, you will soon find yourself setting foot on the island of Apia (part of Samoa). From there you will transfer to a smaller plane for the short trip over to Saletogo, Samoa. Here you will spend three nights at the first-class Saletogo Sands (hotel room or beachfront villa, your choice), and from there you will leave for Nadi, Fiji. Then from there transportation is included over to First Landing for another three nights. The rest of the choices (and the option for adventure) is up to you!

Now, about your first stop. Samoa is a South Pacific nation consisting of two large islands and four surrounding smaller islands. Samoa is known for its very unique and rich culture, having been influenced over time by multiple foreign colonizations and developed by native peoples with their own language and heritage. While in this beautiful and colorful country, you will want to enrich your adventure by trying the seafood as observing traditional Samoan music and dancing.

Moving on, the tropical nation of Fiji is an archipelago or chain of islands located in the South Pacific. Tourism thrives here, as Fiji is renowned for its pristine beaches of white sand and beautiful waters. However, it is both on the beach and off that your inner explorer will thrive and find plenty of places to escape. This trip stops for three nights at the First Landing Resort, the same location where Europeans first set foot on the islands. Here you can explore the peaceful cabanas and the lagoon, while also having the option of going on an excursion off the island (snorkeling, for example, is incredibly popular here). In addition to the First Landing Resort you also have the option to upgrade and extend your trip by staying at the Warwick Resort for a total of four nights (adding two days on to your vacation).

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