Family Friendly Trips to South America

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Photo Credit: Derek Keats

Photo Credit: Derek Keats

South American travel packages are always ideal for families. This is because most of the destinations in the content are wholesome and filled with fun and excitement, and at the same time they appeal to travelers of all ages. Unlike other tourist destinations that cater only to couples or individuals travelers, trips to South America are open for everybody, from kids to the elderly and everyone in between.

So how can you start working on your travel plans to the continent? If you are still looking for trips to South America for your family to enjoy, then below are some suggestions:

1. Peru. Machu Picchu may be tiring for the children and the elderly, but still the country has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. If you’re not after the exhausting mountain climbing escapades, you may want to take your family on an afternoon stroll in Cuzco, where you can get a better view of the Incan culture. You can also spend time in Lima, where you can check out the local restaurants that showcase authentic Peruvian cuisine.

2. Argentina. Trips to South America that pass by Argentina are also a good deal for families, especially if your brood is into history. Buenos Aires has a lot of tourist attractions, including their classic Spanish architectural sites in Buenos Aires and their ranches just outside the city. You don’t actually have to pass by the Patagonia, unless of course you’re into exploring the outdoors.

3. Brazil. Brazil may be a country filled with sexy people, but it also has family-friendly hotspots that you may want to check out. Aside from having fun at the Carnivale, you can also go on an Amazon safari, in which your whole family may choose to cruise on a river ferry, or go wild with the water rafting.

4. Ecuador. On the other hand, if you’re after a relaxing adventure, then you can go to Ecuador instead. This small country has a peaceful atmosphere, and it offers a lot of cultural hotspots that your family will definitely enjoy checking out. You can also go ahead and cruise the Easter Island for a day, where you can get mystified by its magnificent stone structures. You may also want to do the same in the Galapagos, where you can experience the solace together with rare animal species, just the way Darwin did.

5. Antarctica. Lastly, if your family is up for a cruise further down south, then it’s worth taking a ride to Antarctica. The South Pole may be totally cold and chilly, but it does get its own taste of the sunshine during the day. It is in Antarctica where you can find penguins, seals and walruses having their own time to relax.

When planning trips to South America, it is important that you start early. Planning ahead allows you to bag discounts and special packages for your tour, especially if you’re going to bring your whole family along in this adventure without having to spend too much.

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